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Selective Bibliography of Scientific and Legal Literature on the North Pacific Right Whale (Eubalaena japonica)

Adult right whale off Half Moon Bay, California, March 1982. (Photo: Jim Scarff)

(updated April 3, 2024)

(listed in reverse chronological order)
for articles not on-line in their entirety, here is a link to abstracts of some of these reports

  • Omura, H. 1986. History of Right Whale catches in the waters around Japan. Rep. Intl Whal. Comn (Special Issue 10): 35-41.

  • Rowntree, V., Rowntree, J. Darling, G. Silber, and M. Ferrari. 1980. Rare sighting of a right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) in Hawaii. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 58(2): 309-312. https://doi.org/10.1139/z80-038.

  • Scarff, J.E. 1977. The international management of whales, dolphins, and porpoises, an interdisciplinary assessment. Ecol. Law Quart. 6:323-427, 574-638  (Part One: DOI: 10:15779/Z38ZJ82, Part Two: DOI: 10:15779/Z38K81B)
  • Klumov, S.K. 1962. The right whales in the Pacific Ocean. Proceedings of the Institute of Oceanology, Academy of Sciences, U.S.S.R. [Trudy Inst. Okeanol.] 58:202-297. (in Russian) (English translation now available here.) (Ths is the official report on the 10 right whales killed pursuant to a scientific permit. This whaling just preceded the massive illegal killing of right whales in the North Pacific by Soviet whalers that was to occur later in the decade. This paper is often cited, but usually for the English summary which inaccurately reflects the generally bad science in the article itself.)

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