Location of Lemurs, Lorises, other Prosimians and Madagascar Fauna in Captivity -- by Species

Updated 4/12/98


The following information is designed to help researchers or others who want to know how many individuals of a species or subspecies are in captivity worldwide and at what facilities. This information is collected and organized by the The International Species Information System, better known as ISIS. ISIS is an international non-profit membership organization which serves nearly 500 zoological institutional members, from 54 countries, worldwide--about half of the world's "recognized" zoos and aquariums.

The following list of species are links to ISIS's on-line database entries for the respective species. A few words of caution: First, be aware that the number of animals in various collections is constantly changing. ISIS updates its database every few months.

Previously we tried to provide a link directly to the entry for each species in the ISIS database. However, each time ISIS updated the database, all or our hyperlinks to their species-specific data broke until we updated our links. So, instead, just go to the ISIS index for the Abstracts of Mammals holdings, and search for the species you are interested in. Be patient because this page takes a while to load.

Helpful Hints:

ISIS often describes animals in their database using taxonomic and common names different that those listed in Mittermeier et al.'s Lemurs of Madagascar. Here is a list of corresponding names:

Lemurs of Madagascar


Allocebus trichotis

Cheirogaleus trichotis

Eulemur spp.

Lemur spp.

Mirza coquereli

Microcebus coquereli

Varecia variegata

Lemur variegatus

Other Madagascar Mammal Fauna in the ISIS database:

Lorises, Galagos, Pottos and Tarsiers in the ISIS database:


Galagos (Bushbabies) and the Potto


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