Lemurs, Lorises and some Madagascar Wildlife Located Near You (USA)

Updated: November 18, 1998


I am providing information about captive lemurs and other prosimians in two formats. On this page information is listed geographically. You can find the zoo(s) nearest you that have lemurs or related wildlife, and learn what species they have. With the exception of the Duke Primate Center, other collections are listed alphabetically by state.

We also have a separate page, Lemurs in Captivity by Species, that describes similar (though not identical) information grouped by species and subspecies rather than by zoo. For example, if you were interested in knowing which zoos hold sifakas in their collection, you would use this latter page. This page connects you directly to the International Species Information System (ISIS) database. This page also lists holdings of other Madagascar fauna such as tenrecs.

The following is an incomplete list of zoos and other facilities that have lemurs in their collections. I also recommend you check out Zoo Net, an exceptionally good and comprehensive Web site about zoos around the world.

Lemur Species Not in Captivity

Species in captivity at only 1 or 2 locations

Duke University Primate Center , Durham, NC (4/96)

The Duke Primate Center collection is the largest collection of endangered primates in the world. It has far and away the largest collection of prosimians in captivity. Most portions of the facility are open to the public.

Key to the following information: the ** or * next to subspecies indicates that this subspecies or species is designated as "Critically Endangered" or "Endangered" respectively using the list contained in Conservation International's 1994 Lemurs of Madagascar book. The data is generally derived from the 1996 ISIS database mentioned above, unless we have more recent or complete information. The numbers in parentheses reflect the number of individuals in the colony of that subspecies at the above date. These numbers will naturally fluctuate due to births, deaths, and inter-zoo exchanges for breeding purposes, and are meant as an approximate indication, rather than as a formal record of the zoo's holdings.

Lorises, galagos (bushbabies), and potto

Other United States Collections (alphabetically by state)


Phoenix Zoo


Los Angeles Zoo

Sacramento Zoo

San Diego Zoological Park and San Diego Wild Animal Park, Escondido

San Francisco Zoo

(go to the Primate House and click for a nice Ruffed Lemur picture and info!)

Santa Barbara


Denver Zoo


Naples - Caribbean Gardens (5/97)

(The majority of the lemurs are housed on island habitats in one of the zoo's larger lakes. You can find out more and see images of the lemurs at the WWW site under Primate Expedition Cruise.)

Tampa - Lowry Park Zoo



Midway -- St. Catherine's Island


Honolulu Zoo

(808) 971-7174


Boise - Zoo Boise


Chicago -- Brookfield Zoo

Chicago -- Lincoln Park Zoo


Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo


Wichita - Sedwick County Zoo (5/97)

Telephone: (316) 942-2212


Baker -- Greater Baton Rouge Zoological Park

Telephone: (504) 775-3877


Boston Metroparks Zoos

Telephone: (617) 442-2002


Lansing -- Potter Park Zoological Gardens


St. Paul - Como Zoo


St Louis Zoo


Omaha -- Henry Doorly Zoo

New York

New York -- International Wildlife Conservation Park ("Bronx Zoo")

North Carolina

Durham - Duke University Primate Center

(See description of collection above)

Maggie Valley - Soco Gardens Zoo


Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Cleveland Zoo


Oklahoma City Zoological Park


Portland Metro Washington Park Zoo


Philadelphia Zoological Garden

Rhode Island

Roger Williams Zoo (401) 785-3510


Memphis Zoological Garden & Aquarium

Telephone: (901) 725-3400

The Nashville Zoo

Joelton, TN, (615) 746-2526


Brownsville -- Gladys Porter Zoo

Fort Worth Zoological Park

Houston Zoological Gardens

(713) 520-3200

San Antonio Zoological Gardens


Norfolk -- Virginia Zoological Park



Tacoma-- Pt. Defiance Zoo


Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens

(414) 771-3040

Racine Zoo

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