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Traditional Celtic Music:
General Comments,
Resources, and Links

Updated: February 4, 2001

The purpose of this page is to list resources that span several Celtic cultures and are not necessarily specific to S.F. Additional resources are contained in the pages devoted to specific celtic traditions.


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General Comments on Celtic Music

Most traditional Celtic music one hears is Irish, and much of it sung in Irish (aka Gaelic). For many reasons, including the strong culture of Irish traditional music in America in the 19th and early 20th century, more of it has survived than other Celtic music. However, there is a substantial and growing interest in traditional Scottish music, sparked by such groups as Silly Wizard and Capercaille. Traditional Scottish music is particularly thriving in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia where it seems everyone plays fiddle and step dances--well.

Smaller revivals are going on with the smaller Celtic cultures in Brittany, Wales, and Galecia (Spain). These other Celtic cultures definitely have their own sound (a taste for which I haven not fully acquired) and their own instruments.

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WWW Resources

The Ceolas Irish Music Archive is the traditional Celtic music site on the Web. It is a gem with tons of information and links, as well as clips of music from various artists.

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Traditional Music Magazines

There are a few magazines that regularly give good coverage of traditional Celtic Music. All of the ones listed below are available at Down Home Record Store, El Cerrito.

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Where You Can Purchase Traditional Celtic Music

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